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Re: [T3] Type 3 Speedometer

>Jason Smith wrote:
>When I was looking for a new Speedo for my car Mike sent me some links to
fix these.  The links were broken but I was
>able to retrieve a cached version of the page, I have since saved it as a
*.pdf (adobe) file.  So if anyone wants a copy let me >know and I will send
it to you directly.  The instructions are for an early Porsche speedo (VDO)
that is very similar if not the >same as the type 3 speedo.  They include
gage face refurbishing, odometer repair, and calibration instructions, with

I finally got my speedo out, thanks to Peter for posting that question to
the list for me.  I used the above mentioned instructions, which are
correct, but they do not tell you how to get the odometer mechanism out, so
you can adjust the pot-metal gear!  I managed to figure out a way to get it
out but then I did not adjust the gear enough and it stopped working again.
Boy this takes patience.  I thought getting the speedo out took patience,
this is turning into a week long project.  Two days to get the speedo out
and two more to adjust it (Sorry to vent).

I will have to update the instructions I sent to some of you with the way
that I removed the gear.

Jason Smith
71 Square FI AT
72 Fasty FI AT

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