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Re: [T3] Auto Transmission

>I mentioned back when this thread first started to check the governor
>drive. This is usually why T-3 transmissions do not shift. The VM only
>controls the precise point that they shift at, the governor controls the
>normal shifting.
>If it will not shift out of first gear, you either have a broken
>governor, or internal problems with the transmission. If the governor is
>OK, (it has a male square pin attached) then drop the pan, and see what
>is inside the pan.

I will do this as soon as possible (waiting for a break in the weather).  I
have saved all the old posts for this issue.  But since discovering that I
only had 1st, I want to update the situation.  And manly be advised on what
I did to the engine, running it for so long in 1st.

>Do you have reverse?? Reverse is usually the first thing to go.

Yes, reverse works great.

>Has the PO been into the tranny??? 

He replaced a leaking VM.

Thanks for all the advice.  BTW, according to the Bentley AT Troubleshooting
section, stuck in 1st gear indicates a dirty Governor or dirty valve body as
the only causes, so I am hoping that the Bentley's right.

Jason Smith
71 Square FI AT
72 Fasty FI AT

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