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Re: [T3] Speedometer removal

> Dave, are your clocks inboard or outboard?  Your fusebox is on the
> left?
> -Greg

Funny thing that - I didn't even think of possible differences with LHD and RHD.
We have:-   clock  -  speedo  -  gauges in that order.  The fuse box is below
the gauges.  I assume you have the clock on the right of the speedo?

The loom is more or less reversed, but it still feeds from the rear down the
left of the body so you couldn't just use a LHD flipped over.  Our washer/wiper
knob is the left-hand one, furthest from the steering wheel!  That is the main
irritation I guess.

For LHD:-
You've got the idea of having the clock out to make that side easy?  I ease that
side of the speedo out a bit to trap the released clip then square the
up so the other clip is against the plastic sleeve and press the clip in.
Usually it too then slips into the gap between the speedo and the sleeve.
Remove the cable at the most helpful stage - probably before the first catch is

Oh, I only had to correct "that side of the clock" to say "that side of the

BTW, remember to remove battery negative lead before fiddling under the dash -
saves shorts and sparks.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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