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Re: [T3] Fuel pump for EberspŠcher gas hea ter

This man knows his heaters!.. I agree with your suggestions.


> Hello, PerL and Keith!
> I have a copy of the instructions on how to adjust the feed pump (BTDT) on
> the late BN2 laying around somewhere at home. I'll dig them out, and mail
> them over, if you like?
> It's been a few years, so I can't remember exactly the amount of fuel
> measured, but you can adjust the pump by loosing the lock nut around the
> inlet nipple (IIRC) on the pump, and simply screw the nipple in/out for
> less/more fuel squirted per "tick".
> The signal to the pump is provided by a set of breaker points inside the
> main fan assembly (the orange fan in front of the heater). The fan can be
> removed from the fan motor axle by taking the heaters outer metal housing
> off, and loose the little allen set screw that is accessible through a
> little hole on the side of the fan. DON'T try to pry the fan off! I had
> problem with dirt on the point contacts, and didnt get any pulses to the
> pump, and hence no fuel. Once that was fixed (credit card trick),
> worked great! Massive heat!
> Oh, don't forget to install a new glow plug. I would also install a pretty
> thick power lead (with it's own fuse!) directly from the battery to the
> heater relay, to assure full current during upstart with the engine off.
> heater really needs the current when it's cold... If it wont start, try
> start the engine first and then the heater.
> /Karl-Olov Sandin
> -73 squareback
> Domsj?, Sweden

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