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Re: [T3] T3's in New England

> >----- Original Message -----
> >From: "Gary Gamboa" <gamboag@mac.panasonic.com>
> > > Are there any T3 owners out there in New
> England. I want to start an
> > > informal regionl support/referral list. You
> know, good mechanics, local
> > > parts sources, etc. Please let me know, I feel
> very isolated up here.

There's an air-cooled mechanic on the road from
Newport, NH to Keene... I'm not sure exactly what the
route is, but it's around where PC Connection is (or
used to be?)... Perhaps someone on the list knows. I
know nothing about the guy other than that he had a
new type 1 super windshield *in stock* when my friend
needed one.

Also, if you can go across the LI Sound and consider
NYC/Long Island as part of New England (yeah, right),
there's a guy in Astoria/Woodside Queens one
avenue/block north of Northern Boulevard around
43-46th Street. He has a little three-bay garage on a
streetcorner there and his service was just excellent.
First time I had him do any work, I dumped a type 1 on
the sidewalk and told him whenever he could get to it
(ate a valve) to let me know. In a week I had a new
1600 that ran like a top and everytime I brought it
back for any work he'd fine-tune it up for me no
charge (which was nice). I believe the guy's name is
Valdo. Wish I still had his card... I tossed it when I
moved to the Island. Maybe someone on the list also
knows about him. He's just inside the city off the
Triborough Bridge, so it's not a far trip from CT.

Hope this helps someone... And if anyone knows any
mechanics out on the Island, I'd love to know where
they might be!


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