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Re: [T3] Fuel pump for EberspŠcher gas hea ter

<x-flowed>Hello, PerL and Keith!

I have a copy of the instructions on how to adjust the feed pump (BTDT) on the late BN2 laying around somewhere at home. I'll dig them out, and mail them over, if you like?
It's been a few years, so I can't remember exactly the amount of fuel measured, but you can adjust the pump by loosing the lock nut around the inlet nipple (IIRC) on the pump, and simply screw the nipple in/out for less/more fuel squirted per "tick".
The signal to the pump is provided by a set of breaker points inside the main fan assembly (the orange fan in front of the heater). The fan can be removed from the fan motor axle by taking the heaters outer metal housing off, and loose the little allen set screw that is accessible through a little hole on the side of the fan. DON'T try to pry the fan off! I had problem with dirt on the point contacts, and didnt get any pulses to the pump, and hence no fuel. Once that was fixed (credit card trick), everything worked great! Massive heat!
Oh, don't forget to install a new glow plug. I would also install a pretty thick power lead (with it's own fuse!) directly from the battery to the heater relay, to assure full current during upstart with the engine off. The heater really needs the current when it's cold... If it wont start, try start the engine first and then the heater.

/Karl-Olov Sandin
-73 squareback
Domsj?, Sweden

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