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Re: [T3] Fuel in oil

> Well, I tried that and it seems the leak is not from the fuel pump,
> that this test is conclusive.
> I had another look at both carbs. I could blow through the fuel inlet
> when they were the right way up but not when they were inverted, meaning
> that the needle valves really are OK.
> Otherwise, is it possible that the carbs were set to run so rich when they
> were first installed that they could have caused it then but are no longer
> leaking? They were VERY rich at first;  . . .

Further to my previous message. I was in Jerusalem today and went to speak
to someone called Anatoly who runs a garage that specialises in VWs. He is
extremely knowledgable, and I would say that his is the only garage in my
part of the country that I would trust to work on my car. He often turns up
at our club meetings in his 1969 bus.

Anyway, I explained my problem to him and he actually suggested the above
solution without me mentioning it, as more likely than a leak in the carbs
or the fuel pump. It was his first suggestion, and he considers it far more
likely than any leak.

What do you think?

Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic

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