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[T3] Passing on a message for some FI help

I got forwarded this message and recon you guys could
lend some advice. I've tried to answer as best I can
but have probably missed something:

>FOR THE ATTENTION OF WILL passed on from paul at t3d
>i have a real problem with my 1971 variant
>it seems to be running rich with lots of black smoke
>also apears to be running on 3 cylinders. ive done the
>following checks with no results:-
>points,condensor,plugs,leads fuel pump & regulater
>dyno & regulater box, 5th injector has never worked
>and has run fine without. PLEASE HELP AS IVE PULLED

My answer:

Hi Dave,

I'm not sure about the three cylinder problem but the
richness could be down to a faulty air pressure sensor.

Have you checked the air pressure sensor? Its found on
the left hand side of the engine bay. Its got a pipe
going in and part of the FI harness attached. It should
be held in by two screws and is quite easy to remove.
If you pull it out and suck (or blow) on the entry
where the pipe attaches you should get no pressure loss
at all. If you can suck and suck it means the diaphram
has gone and the car can't regulate the fuel properly.
I had the same problem of rich runnning and once I
changed this it was sorted. 

A good book to get that has really comprehensive guides
to the FI system is the Bently Manual. Paul could
probably point you in the right direction as to where
to get it form... I even think Amazon stock it.

Also, I think, I've got some old printouts of FI
trouble shooting, its written for the Porsche 914 but
its the same system. I found it at
http://www.estinc.com/porsche/djet.html Although I'm
not sure if that link works anymore but your quite
welcome to borrow the printouts.

I'll also pass on the question to

They have loads of experts and if you run a query or
search for Fuel injection there should be a lot of help.

Give me a call if you want the printouts.



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