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Re: [T3] Fuel in oil

Ben wrote:

> Another test to see if the pump diaphragm has a hole in it would be to
> your finger over the outlet and blow through the inlet, that way you
> be able to test it without even having to remove it from the engine.

Well, I tried that and it seems the leak is not from the fuel pump, assuming
that this test is conclusive.

I had another look at both carbs. I could blow through the fuel inlet pipes
when they were the right way up but not when they were inverted, meaning
that the needle valves really are OK.

I am now wondering whether the leak could have come from the old carbs.

Otherwise, is it possible that the carbs were set to run so rich when they
were first installed that they could have caused it then but are no longer
leaking? They were VERY rich at first; in fact so rich at first that the
engine would run for a few seconds and then stop. The main cause for this
was that the chokes were closing too far and the engine was literally
choking on the super rich mixture and dying. There was also a dripping leak
from one of the carbs which seemed to be because the throttle base was

Other than that, while there are certainly things wrong with my carbs that
need seeing too, I can't see any way they can be leaking such large
quantities of fuel into the sump.


Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic

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