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[T3] "Type 3 Parts Book Online" version 3.0!

Hi All,

I've been busy these past holidays!

I've been working on the update for one of my pet projects and "think" that it's ready for some beta testing.

IF you have an interest in Type Three's...  ;) 
or if you're curious about my work...
please go try it out and let me know if you find anything not working.

http://www.autographica.com/t3pbo/  -- new address
If you have a link or bookmark to the old one, please correct it.


Features of the T3PBO:

Type 3 Registry with searchable database.
Swap Meet - classifieds.
"Add your own link" links page.
Statistics on the surviving Type 3's (as the database grows...)
and of course clickable parts illustrations! 

Group 1 - Engine is the only area that is currently populated, Illustrations 1-5, but I am getting about three new illustrations done per month.

What I would like to invite you to do is Register your Type 3's so that the DB can beging filling up while I get more illustrations done and through these registrations I will send out notifications when the new illustrations are available.

I would also like to ask anyone who has a 68 and later partsbook to contact me when you have time.  My parts books only go up to 1969 and I would like to offer illustrations for all of the production years.

Thanks and enjoy!
Big Al

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