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[T3] Swingaxle wheel bearing removal tool?

Every forum I've searched advises to remove the axle nut, remove the bolts
that secure the bearing cap and then use a brass hammer to tap the axle tube
off.  Further claiming that the wheel bearing should come out easily.  I
didn't want to remove shocks, undo all these components just to change out a
wheel bearing, but I did.  And since it didn't work, I dropped the engine
and pulled the transaxle completely out of the vehicle.

One place I did read that you can take two pairs of long nose vise grips,
hold them ever so carefully and pop the wheel bearing out.  Very clumsy.
This will surely destroy the bearing. And mine are in there so tight that
this method isn't working.

My dilemma is that the axle bearings don't come off with just a little
tapping.  I'm using full swings with a heavier steel ball peen hammer (using
the flat end) and they're slowly coming off.  Slowly meaning not even a
sixteenth of an inch per swing.  This can't be right so I haven't proceeded.

All the searching on the net that I've done does not yield a Swingaxle wheel
bearing removal tool.  Surely VW didn't drop the spring plate and remove the
axle tubes with every wheel bearing replacement, did they??

So, I defer to the community... can I get a proper tool to remove these
swingaxle bearings effortlessly? Or am I forced to fabricate one from raw


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