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Re: [T3] 71 FI - Still mixing gas in the oil

On 4 Jan 2003 at 18:15, phil cain wrote:

> I did this about a year ago, still haven't solved the
> problem. Have changed the engine twice, replaced all
> the FI parts(brain, cyl head temp, air sensor,Pressure
> regulator, throttle body swich, injectors and checked
> all wires) and still have gas mixing in the oil.
> voltage is 14V med RPM. It is the best running car
> that I have had in T-3's, it takes a tank and a half
> of gas to get the oil light to come on telling me its
> time to change the oil, when I tore the first engine
> down it was the cleanest one I have ever seen. Please
> help me I'm starting to look at my bus funny(as if I
> like it more than the T-3). Phil

Sounds like you've already covered most of the bases. 

Is the thermostat/air flap system intact and working?

Do you just drive short trips?

Pressure sensor untampered and hose connected?

Both mech and vacuum advance working?

What year? When you turn the key ON do you hear a relay click and then another 
click about 1 second later?

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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