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Re: [T3] generator pulley

On 4 Jan 2003 at 23:00, Darvin Gomez wrote:

> Anyway, I have a 1969 AT Squareback.  My generator pulley cracked last week 
> and turns out that it was not the right one for my car anyway.  I picked one 
> up for a type 3 at a VW junkyard here in Southern California.  It is an 
> original VW part.  My question is whether the generator pulleys for type 3's 
> are all the same or if there are any differences between years?  Kind of a 
> silly question but I want to make sure before I put it on.  Also any advice 
> on how to go about tightening the pulley nut??  I don't have a special tool 
> to hold the thing from spinning.

Someone caught me on this a few months ago. I said that they were all alike, 
but it turns out that extremely early (61, maybe part of 62) cars had a 
slightly different size. It's unlikely that you would come up with one of those 
by accident.  

The nut doesn't have to be all that tight, nevertheless you will notice that 
the special heavy domed washer that fits behind the nut also has flats on it. 
You can use a second wrench on those flats.  

DON'T try to tighten the nut with the belt in there. You'll just bend 
something. Install the belt afterwards. This makes adjusting the shims a bit of 
a job, but you really only have to do it once.  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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