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Re: [T3] Heat Exchangers and List Ettiquitte

NathanJ=> what do you think about this
=> in general, telling the list about auction
=> items, or items for sale on websites?

It's helpful to those who aren't actively searching ebay for something
specific. And if you compare the number of listmembers who might come and
bid on that item against the number of people who are already searching for
that item, I don't think anyone can complain about any real change in the

There was this thing on the Type 34 list about not bidding against a fellow
member, but I think that's a bit silly -- the result is that the item gets
away to someone outside the club who *is* willing to bid up. Let's face the
fact that ebay has a *huge* number of users and that will inevitably raise
average prices. Then also consider that those prices encourage sellers to
offer parts that may not have seemed worth it before to sell. I think we're
all ahead overall.

But let's also be adults about it, pay attention, know the rules and be
smart about how we buy. Ripoffs aren't common, but they happen. That's what
escrow prevents, and I recommend it for larger purchases. Ripoff artists
don't last, so be more careful with those who have low feedback numbers.

And never get upset if someone outbids you -- either they were willing to
pay more than you were, so you lost nothing, or you were goofing around
trying to get it for less than it was worth to you, in which case you were
working the edges of your *own* ethics.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600
ebay handle: comwest

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