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[T3] Heat Exchangers and List Ettiquitte


Here is a set of decent looking heat exchangers for sale on eBay.


I have been hesitant in the past to bring eBay items to the attention of
the list, as it raises some ettiquite questions. So, as this item seems to
be not rare, but hard for some list members to find, I thought it would be
a good example that could start some discussion.

For example:

If I tell the list about an item, perhaps another list member has already
been watching the item, and hoping to have fewer  bidders to increase
their chances. Now, other T3 list members will be aware, and possibly bid
against them.

Some list members might think that because a list member brings it to
their attention, the item must be in good condition... it arrives

Maybe I have something to gain personally from advertising this item. (not
the case here, but others could take advantage of the list in this way).

So, what do you think about this in general, telling the list about
auction items, or items for sale on websites?


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