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Re: [T3] Early Front Wheel Cyl's

On 3 Jan 2003 at 21:02, Keith Park wrote:

> > but why not just rebuild the ones you have. I generally find that I only
> have to hone them and can even reuse the seals.

> REALLY?  OK... this car has sat unused since the late 80's... at least, and
> outside most of the time.
> The brake pedal is permanently frozen to the floor... you still think I have
> ANY chance of getting them apart let alone slavaging them??  I used to be
> against ever leaving any old rubber in the brake system because.... well, Id
> been spending too much time looking at my window seals but Ill admit that
> the seals usually look OK.  You really think 37 year old rubber is still OK
> for many more years?

If they have frozen up then you may have a hard time just getting them to move, 
but if they move then you've got a good chance. ALL of mine are originals.

DON'T free them up and then try to drive the car. If you work them back and 
forth they will get destroyed, but if you just take them out and hone them they 
will probably be fine. I have even reused some that had significant scratches 
on the OD where they seal and they have been fine.

Of course YMMV....

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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