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Re: [T3] Hi All!

> Umm im based south UK and reliability... as good as possible!
> Im ok with general maintenance but I cannot weld.
> Im not looking for a concourse car just a good runner.

Hi Mike,
Not too many spare Variants (Squarebacks) in good condition in the UK, but you
might like to check out the club adverts page as and when I update it - done
recently but I notice I've left some fairly old ads there too.  Join up with
yahoo group t3uk by e-mailing from your normal address to
t3uk-subscribe@yahoogroups.com   There are quite a few other guys in the SE UK
on that group.

Generally Type 3s rust as quickly as most cars of the period, and faster than
Beetles.  Sills, inner wings, under rear seat, bumper mounts, spare wheel well,
fresh-air boxes.  Body panels are not that easy to get, though available with
time.  Repair panels similar, but fabrication skills often needed.  Mechanical
parts are reasonably easy to find.  The Beetle is well served by many companies,
but the Type 3 is scarcely supported at all professionally except where parts
are common to Beetles or Buses.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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