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Re: [T3] Hi All!

On 3 Jan 2003 at 8:43, Smith, Mycroft wrote:

> Just wanted to say hi, I'm new to the group!

Welcome to the list.

> I am looking for a 12 volt squareback in fairly stock condition, how
> much should I look to pay for a reasonable condition one and where are
> the areas to look out for?

If you're in the US, then everything imported 68 and later was fuel injected. 
Many of these have been converted to carbs, but this causes problems more often 
than it solves them. Rust is the biggest problem, so watch for rust-thru at the 
rear of the front wheelwells and the front of the rear wheelwells. Any rust in 
the rockers is a bad sign.

If the body is sound, almost anything else can be fixed. Expect to spend $1000 
to $2500 for a nice car. $2500-$6000 for a really well kept example. Watch out 
for heavily modified cars as they tend to be hard to maintain since you don't 
know what they need. (example: what is the correct timing and jetting for a 
type 3 converted to dual webers and a 009 dist? Answer, you'll have to figure 
that out on your own, although there are certainly people here who can give you 
a good start.)

Where are you located?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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