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Re: [T3] Fuel in oil

<x-charset windows-1255>I spoke to a friend of mine about this problem today. He apparently spent
his youth building VW engines for a living ,and has owned some Beetles. He's
helped me work on my car sometimes.

Anyway, he doesn't agree with the idea that fuel is leaking through the
carbs into the sump. The only way this could happen, he says, is if my
piston rings are worn, which he does not believe to be the case, as the
engine doesn't burn oil. If petrol was leaking from the carbs, it would
accumulate in the cylinder. Some of you have sounded as if this is what you
think too. This accumulation of petrol would cause pressure in the cylinders
which would burst the head, bend a rod, or whatever, as has been mentioned
in previous postings.

However, there is no doubt that petrol did find it's way into the sump.The
oil that I drained absolutely reeked of it, and was very thin and runny.

The only other way that petrol could get into the case is via the fuel pump.
Can I conclude that this changing the fuel pump would solve the problem? If
so, I would really like an original VW Type 3 fuel pump, rather than another
Brosol one. Does anyone have one?

Is my (and his) reasoning correct, and is there any other possibility we
haven't thought of?


Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic

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