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Re: [T3] D19 Sealing Tape and impregnated foam rubber?

On 3 Jan 2003 at 10:28, schroeja@purdue.edu wrote:

> In figures 4-6 and 4-14 (pages 6 and 9 in the Body and Frame section) it
> mentions D19 sealing tape and impregnated foam rubber.  What is this, where can
> I find it or something similar,and is it necessary?
> Upon closer inspection of my car, I did notice remnants of these materials, and
> I do remember removing chucks of the sealing tape and a gauze like material
> (must have been the foam).

These are just sealants to keep rainwater or wheelspray from washing out thru 
the joints between the fender and <whatever>. I think body shops have a kind of 
caulk in strips that you might be able to use. They might also be able to sell 
you some caulk in tubes which would do the same job. You should avoid anything 
that will eventually turn hard, as well as the silicone caulks which smell of 
acetic acid, as they tend to react poorly with metal. There are alcohol based 
silicone caulks, but they tend to be expensive.  

In the end, a body shop is likely to have a product that is a good choice. You 
might also try a body shop supply house.  

Originally, VW used wax-impregnated foam rubber blocks which they squeezed in 
some of the corners. This worked well at first, but was a bad idea in the long 
run, because the wax evenually washed out of the foam and then the foam wicked 
water into the joints, promoting rust. I would avoid using any kind of foam 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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