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[T3] Oil in fuel (was: Not quite there yet)

<x-charset windows-1255>Well, I now know more or less what the situation was. I just drained just
under 2.5 liters of oil from the engine. I can't be more accurate than this
due to a slight accident I had while pouring it into the measuring jug :~(

Add this to whatever I drained before, and the conclusion is that it was
approx 600-800 ml over.

I put in just under 2.5 litres of new oil, a process made more interesting
by the tear I found in the rubber filling tube. The dipstick now shows just
under full. The new oil is much more viscous than the oil I drained, which I
suppose is a sign that there really was fuel in it.

> Do you by any chance have one of the springs that goes on top the float
> pivot missing??
> > The left hand carb's accelerator pump doesn't work. This is not because
of a
> > leaky diaphragm, though I changed it just in case. There is a hole next
> > the pipe through which the accelerator pump squirts petrol, which is
> > supposed to have a brass insert of some kind inside it. This is missing.
> > the accelerator pump does is blow bubbles through this hole.While it may
> > mean that I need to replace the bottom half of this carb, I don't see
how it
> > can be causing the leak.
> >
> I think this may be part of the accelerator pump circuit. If I am
> pictureing it right, there should be a check ball under that brass plug.

Russ, I don't believe one of the float retainer springs is missing. I double
checked one of the carbs, and I'll do the other one later when it stops
raining. And yes, you're right about the ball valve being missing. There are
good pics of how it should look in the Elfrink manual. I doubt if this can
be fixed (?). I suppose I should look for a new carb bottom half.

Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic

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