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Re: [T3] Fuel pump for EberspŠcher gas heater


Jim Adney wrote:

On 2 Jan 2003 at 16:21, Per Lindgren wrote:

The diaphragm actually hasnt hardened, and the pump is running. I have installed it and it runs, but it's not able to pump fuel up from the tank.

There are only 2 reasons that a pump would run and yet not pump: bad diaphram or bad check valves. Have you cleaned out the check valves in yours?

I did clean the check valve as well, it was pretty full of the white "chalk" stuff.

I guess another possibility would be air leaks anywhere into the line leading into the pump.

That is a possibility, but I did check that as well, and the only place where that might be a possibility is between the filter and tank, as that is the only place where there are regular hoseclamps. The other hoses have banjo fittings and similar.

Two other things I thought might be the problem is. One is that I could have messed up the settings for the pump when I assembled it, so that it doesnt have big enough stroke. I dont know how sensitive these things are, as I said, I have absolutely no experience with electrical fuel pumps.

The other could be that the hose (steel spun rubber) could be pinched. I took off the hose that runs between the outlet of the pump and inlet of the pressure regulator, it was dry, and I tried to blow through it. I noticed that the passage wasnt entirely free, so I tried to straigthen it a bit, and it was easier to blow through then. Of course, when I installe dit again, it went back to it's previous shape, so it might be pinched a bit, making it hard for the pump to press fuel through it.

I am going to open the pump that was attached to this heater, as it used to work perfectly only a couple of years ago, but doesnt now. I'll be a bit more careful and take some measurments.

73 Variant l

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