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Re: [T3] Not quite there yet (addendum)

Hate to write the bleeding obvious, but why not just stick with metric?
No conversion needed. Metric measures are extremely simple. There are no
variations between countries. 2.5 litres of oil is 2.5 litres of oil no
matter where you are.

Find a 4 litre jug with regular markings down the inside, and fill it to
2.5 litres with fresh oil and then pour the jug's contents into the
engine. Extremely simple. 

If you can't get metric jugs from auto stores, try cooking supply
places. Most larger jugs will probably have cups, fluid ounces and
litres marked, like one of my old ones does (new ones don't have fluid
ounces, only cups and litres). Or move to a country like Australia
(yay!) that is already metric enlightened and has plenty of not too
rusty type 3's still around.

It's situations like this that lost NASA the Mars Orbiter.

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On 1 Jan 2003 at 18:57, Per Lindgren wrote:

> >>I looked it up and 1 quart = 1.057 litres. 
> >This sounds too close, and besides, it makes a quart bigger than a
> I always thought that 1 quart was 0.95 liters? Is it possibly the 

There was another mention of 1 gal = 3.8lt, (4 qts = 3.8lt.) This also
out to 1 qt = .95 lt. Now that I look at it closer, that would mean that

1 lt = ~1.05 qts which is about the number posted above.

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