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Re: [T3] Fuel pump for EberspŠcher gas heater

In a message dated 1/2/03 6:08:52 AM Central Standard Time, lindgre@online.no 

<< After that I removed the rear cover (red plastic) to inspect the 
 electrical contacts. When I hooked up power, it didnt move, until I 
 helped it a bit. What worries me a bit is that there is a nice, blue 
 spark on the electrical contact as the pump runs. Since this pump is for 
 transporting gasoline, this spark worries me a bit. Should I be worried, 
 or is this perfectly normal?
 And last but not least, should I expect this pump to suck the fuel up 
 from the tank when I install it, or should the dry lines be primed with 
 fuel first?
I have one ot these beasts in my 1973 Thing. It hasn't worked since I bought 
the car,
and it's just as well. There's only a limited number of people who are 
experienced enough to work on these heaters, and the fellow in Colorado is - 
I understand - usually drunk by noon. There's another person in Pennsylvania 

Frankly, I am afraid of the gasoline part of these heaters. I know that the 
heaters are pretty foolproof, but I don't trust them. Nor do I trust myself 
to be safe. I prefer to store my Thing rather than drive it during the 
winter. There's always an electric heater available that you may want to look 
into. Costs about $150, as I recall.

Don Garies

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