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Re: [T3] Not quite there yet (addendum)

Hi Steve,

> DanielB=> what's the chance the engine has
> => been damaged by being filled with petrol?
> That's another point I thought of later -- if you had such a large carb
> leak, it would most likely have filled up one cylinder, even both. This
> would have caused at least a severe starting problem, at worst a bent rod
> burst head. Yeah, paranoid.

I have no evidence for the apocalyptic scenario. The last time I tried to
start the engine it seemed no better or worse than it has always been,
Slightly hard to start, but usually fires up strongly on the second attempt.
Once it was going, it didn't seem any different to usual. there was the
slight "sticking" of the starter. This can be caused by several things so I
am not assuming the worst yet.

> In case it hasn't been clear up to now, I'm dubious about the
> fuel-in-the-oil diagnosis, leading to the blown main seal. I can't be
> of course, but I think it more likely that the oil was low when you got
> car and remained low until you did the oil change. I don't have an opinion
> on the overfilling or perception thereof -- I'm hoping for better data on
> that one -- but it seems likely to me that properly filling (or
> the case with oil could have uncovered an *existing* seal problem. (And
> you've checked that the case breather is clear, right?)

Thanks for putting the situation in perspective. As I said, on the weekend
I'll drain the rest of the oil. If there's only 1.5 litres in there, then
I'll know I've overreacted (after all, it wouldn't be the first time :~) ).
I have changed the oil twice since I've had the car, once immediately before
I got the engine to run the first time, and once a few months ago. It is of
course possible that the seal was already problematic. And no, I haven't
checked the breather :~(

> Anyway, here's your bottom line on the seal -- yes, you have to pull the
> engine, and no, you don't have to tear it down. You probably figured that
> out already.

Yes, I know what this involves. However, once the engine is out I suppose I
should do some other necessary work, like fitting a new exhaust, and getting
the heads looked at.

> Yes, you have to fix the left accelerator pump, and you've
> probably got some wear seepage from a throttle or two (this is an air
> and the fuel points it out), and you probably have some fine-tuning of the
> fuel system to do, but so far I don't hear strong indication of anything
> more serious.

I tend to agree with your diagnosis (you're usually right), but won't know
for sure till I drain the oil.


Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic

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