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Re: [T3] Not quite there yet (addendum)

> I'm worried about both your needle valves being OK when in one carb it
> seem to let the fuel in.  Do you think you might have tilted the carb a
lot when
> removing it?

Doubt it. There was fuel in there; it just seemed that the level was quite
low. I suppose I'd have to start the engine and then open the carb to be
sure. I tested the needle valves by blowing through them, and by blowing
through the fuel tube with the valve installed and pressing the valve. How
else can I test them?

> Without cut-off valves, if you park the car pointing up a steep hill, the
> from a full tank can fill up a cylinder and cause damage when you try to
> In most other circumstances there's no problem.

My car has always been parked in the same place on my driveway since I've
had it.

So here's the next question: what's the chance the engine has been damaged
by being filled with petrol? I haven't tried to start the engine since I
realised what's going on. However, I really hope that what I thought was the
battery not having the strength to turn the engine was not in fact the
engine having a metal-on-metal moment and starting to seize up or something.
The water level in the battery really was very low and after I topped it up
things improved.

Someone tell me I'm being paranoid.

Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic

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