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Re: [T3] Brake and engine removal Q's

On 1 Jan 2003 at 18:01, Westfalia wrote:

> Ok question one.  Is the MC rubber stopper that attaches to the fluid
> feed line available as a reproduction?  The one I have leaks like crazy.
>  The stopper was not included in the NOS rebuild kit I had purchased.

They might be available from VW, but it is sometimes hard to get the right one 
once the MC has been changed you don't know which one to order. In my 
experience, these often look bad, but usually seal okay. If yours is leaking 
the most likely reason is that you didn't clean out the rust in the pocket 
where it nests, or you don't have the  plastic elbow seated all the way in yet.

> Two:  I've never removed a T3 motor before and was wondering which side
> of the cooling air boot you remove when dropping the engine?  The clamp
> is on the body side so I loosened that and was guessing that side comes
> off first.  I just don't want to rip any more rubber things.  I already
> ripped apart the oil filler tube.  BTW are those available??

The boot originally came with 2 clamps. Having just one is a sure sign that the 
engine has been removed before, which was almost certain anyway in a car this 
old. I just remove the engine end and invert the bellows back into itself and 
into the plenum in the body. 

I may have a good used oil filler bellows, but you need to be careful to not 
assume that anything you break can be replaced. Many parts are NLA.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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