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Re: [T3] Door locks

On 31 Dec 2002 at 15:44, Ryan wrote:

> I have two different sets of door locks on my 66 fasty and no keys for 
> either. A locksmith told me he would make me keys and if possible rekey 
> one so they match, to the tune of $50. Has anyone had this done before? 
> Is that a reasonable price?

First you should find out whether your door keys should match your ignition 
key, then get ALL the ones that SHOULD match to match.

It is most likely that your driver's door lock has been replaced and that is 
why the 2 sides don't match. I'm not sure about 66, but by 68 all 3 locks 

I recommend that you remove and take in all the locks that need to be matched, 
so the locksmith is not responsible for removing those parts. If he has to just 
make 2 "code keys" and match one cylinder to the others then $50 sounds a bit 
on the high side. If he has to rematch 2 cylinders to the third then $50 is a 

BTW, in general, the door locks are rather straightforward to re-key, but the 
ignition lock is difficult/impossible to do. Each of the cylinders has a key 
code stamped on it which will tell the locksmith the code it was originally set 
up for. Looking at these will tell him instantly what he has to do. He can 
match all 3 cylinders ONLY if the middle letter of all three key codes is 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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