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Re: [T3] Not quite there yet (addendum)

DanielB=> What can actually cause a carb to leak
=> gas into the cylinders?

I think the most common cause is a fault in the anti-siphoning system
represented by your electromagnetic cutoff jets. After that comes stuck
float needle valves and screwed-up floats (never, ever try to 'adjust' a
float on a PDSIT!). Carbs and throttles usually leak air rather than fuel.

I have to think that given the amount of time you've actually had the car
running, a carb leak of sufficient magnitude to give you a problem would be
alarmingly obvious. And it would run terrible, if at all.

=> how can I test the fuel pump?

If indeed you do have a lot of fuel in your oil, this is the more likely
source, imho. To be sure you have to tear down the pump and examine the
diaphragm closely for holes. It's pretty straightforward.

I'd like to be able to quantify this problem more clearly: When you did the
carefully measured oil change, did you notice whether the case was overfull
to start with? After you changed the oil, about how much did you drain out
again, and after how much time?

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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