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Re: [T3] Fastback pop-outs

Thomas wrote:
>I have a '72 Fastback with regular windows.  I was looking at some pop-outs
>today and wanted to find out how they are fitted.Do they use the same
>method as for Squarebacks? No they do not, they use the rubber seal to hold 
them in place along with 4 clips per window, and 4 nuts/studs that help hold 
the seal in place.

> It appeared that the glass flexes rather than
>pivots at the pillar?  Is this correct?  

Yes this is correct. It might look strange but that is how they work.

>How are they removed from the vehicle? 

See Travis's web site.  But if you're trying to save the popout seal you need 
to remove the glass from the seal first, then remove the nuts from the studs 
then work the seal over the lip. This should get them out. Reinstall is the 
reverse. I believe someone in Canada had a set of these for sale in the type3 
classifieds, but I don't know if they're still for sale.
 On my wife's car we reinstalled a used set that I got from a fellow listee, 
they work great. We had been looking for over 3 years for a good set 
(actually a new set) since the car was restored in 1991. I made the mistake 
of ordering a set from WCM and then cutting the old set out only to be 
informed after I ordered them (a week later and the car was being painted at 
the time) that they were NLA, and they were not doing them again (can you say 
a change in plans).  I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       69 Squareback AT
Sue 70 Fasty AT

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