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Re: [T3] Not quite there yet (addendum)

Hi all,

I just had both carbs open. I couldn't see any obvious signs of them
leaking, but then, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for.

What I can say is this (i don't know how relevant all of this is, but
anything could be a clue):

Both needle valves are OK

Both floats float.

The manifold/carb gasket on the right hand side was quite wet.

The fuel level in the left had carb was rather low when I opened it. The
float was resting on the bottom of the bowl.

The left hand carb's accelerator pump doesn't work. This is not because of a
leaky diaphragm, though I changed it just in case. There is a hole next to
the pipe through which the accelerator pump squirts petrol, which is
supposed to have a brass insert of some kind inside it. This is missing. All
the accelerator pump does is blow bubbles through this hole.While it may
mean that I need to replace the bottom half of this carb, I don't see how it
can be causing the leak.

I replaced the gasket on the throttle base of the right carb. It was
probably OK, but it was starting to fray a bit.

What can actually cause a carb to leak gas into the cylinders? And how can I
test the fuel pump? It's a knock-off Brazilian jobbie, BTW.

Thanks for all your help,

Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic

> On 31 Dec 2002 at 19:00, Daniel Baum wrote:
> > Some time ago my right hand carburetor was leaking from the base. I
> > tightened up a screw and the leak went away. It mostly leaked after the
> > engine was switched off. Is it possible that the petrol that was leaking
> > the base is now leaking into the engine? Could this leak also explain
why my
> > right hand carb runs permanently rich?
> Yes & yes.
> > The only problem (as of now) with this theory is that the oil that I
> > didn't smell of petrol. Someone with more experience than me would
> > be able to tell just by looking at it.
> Used engine oil always smells of gas. If you didn't notice it, that
> just means that the gas smell is so strong around your car that the oil
was no
> different. Another sign that something is running rich.
> > Finally, I noticed that there is a big tear in the rubber part of my oil
> > filler tube. Does anybody have one?
> Yes.
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