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Re: [T3] Speedo go-between

In a message dated 2/8/03 1:32:17 AM Central Standard Time, 
dnbaum@hotmail.com writes:

<< > Can anyone on the list shine a bit of light on what appears to be
 > a ?surplus part (leads don't connect to anything), but may be
 > something to do with the speedo (umschwang=revolution ------>
 > UPM being more to do with tacho? from current thread) from the
 > name.
 Sounds like one of those reversing light switches that screws between the
 speedo and speedo cable. They were made so reversing lights could be
 retrofitted to cars that didn't have a switch on the tranny, as I understand
 Daniel Baum
 1969 Type 34 automatic
 Email: daniel@type34.info
 Homepage: http://www.type34.info
It's called a "tachowellenschalter" or "speedometer switch" which ties the 
speedometer cable into a backup light for transmissions that don't have 
built-in backup light switches. Connect the leads to a back-up light, and 
you'll have a beautiful connection. For information on back-up lights, you 
can use a 1967 Beetle
back-up light (they are more or less universal and are sold by RMMW as 
back-up lights that look cool) and you won't go wrong with it.  These back-up 
lights can be used with either 6 or 12 volt systems by installing the 
appropriate bulb. I learned this
while restoring my 1949 Hebm?ller.

Don Garies
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