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Re: [T3] tachy clock

OK... Ive been thinking about this, I dont *Think* that the one shown here
is factory/dealer or any type 3 accessory tach.
Its TOO GOOD!  Why?  so far as anyone has been able to prove to me there
were NEVER any Type 3 Tach's that actually had a type 3 part number on them
or any tach's in the microfische.

SO... any type 3 tach that youd find would actually be an off the shelf
aftermarket tach, made by any of several manufacturers (ie VDO, Gossen, etc)
that were sold to fit a certain hole size... be it a Type 3 or any other
make car.  Some were grey, some black, but the numbering would never really
match the VW numbering style, and even the grey ones would be a different
shade of grey.  Several different hole sizes would actually fit reasonably
well in the T3 hole,  Neil showed me several examples last summer and had
all the dimensions listed for them, some Id seen before and Some I hadnt...
none had T3 part numbers on them.

The tach shown below.. I believe to be a VERY GOOD one off custom build....
and they certainly did a better job than mine but I dont believe that VW
ever made Tachs for their Type 3's  ****(with the exception of the T3
Ghia)****  but I wont open that can of worms!

Please correct me if anyone has indeed seen a T3 Tach with a 311 part number
on it or a listing in the microfishe.


> http://www.chez.com/gigisdolls/Templou2002_0825_114610AA.JPG
> http://www.chez.com/gigisdolls/Templou2002_0825_115209AA.JPG
> http://www.chez.com/gigisdolls/Templou2002_0825_115216AA.JPG

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