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[T3] Ignition Housing Unit for 1967 Squareback

Need advice

I am in need of a ignition housing unit for my 1967 squareback.  It appears
that what the previous owners did was remove all of the ignition stuff out
of my housing unit, pieced it back together leaving a empty hole where
everything used to go and then made a totally new separate ignition and
screwed it on a piece of medal near where the radio is mounted.  Anyway, I
have been having a difficult time finding one from someone who can somewhat
guarantee that it is indeed in good condition with original keys if

I have a guy who owns a VW restoration place that is recommending that since
the 1967 parts are so hard to find that I replace my current one with one
from a 1968 square.  His reasoning is that should it go bad at least the
parts will not be difficult to find used or new.  He also has a complete
unit from I believe he said a 1967 notchback.  He said he bought it from a
guy up North who said it came out of his car that was totalled.  Are some
parts for the notches, fastbacks and squarebacks interchangeable.

Does anyone have an ignition housing unit in good condition that they would
be willing to sell to me.  My husband is agreeing that I should go ahead and
put the 68 one on, but I want my squareback to remain as original as

Please give me any advice that you can.


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