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Re: [T3] POR 15.. my final verdict.

I wish I had these results!
I did the inside of the floorpan on my Square about 3 years ago, and
wirewheeled it extensively.
It still looks fine in the areas I can see but the car doesnt leak.

I do notice that our floorpans seem to be made out of a "Different" grade
steel... by that I mean when it rusts, it tend to grab a hold in specific
spots and rot deeply into it or right through... leaving good metal
surrounding a hole.  Maybe it works better or worse with different grade
steel?  Hmmm...

 I still wouldnt use it again.


> Just to add my experience to the collective knowledge.....
> I did the floor pans of Sophy (inside and out) with POR-15 two summers
> and one winter ago. (yes I drove her in the Michigan winter...but not
> this year)  The POR has held up to this torture test well.
> I even used the POR as the resin for a bit of fiberglass patch repair
> on the driverside floorpan and this has held up really well.
> I also bought a floor pan for Jane from Jim Adney when I first picked
> up Sophy.  The floorpan had been leaning outside in the Wisconsin
> winters for a number of years and then proceeded to lean against the
> outside of my garage until this summer.  Anyway, I hated to see the POR
> on the brush go to waste when I was working on Sophy, so used the
> floorpan to clean the bulk of the POR from the brush.  I had wire
> brushed the bottom of the floorpan to get the dirt and weeds and loose
> rust scale from the bottom, but nothing else.  No wire wheeling, no
> sand blasting, no Metal Ready.  I went out in the garage tonight and
> looked over the floorpan and can see no rust coming through any of the
> POR painted surface yet and most of it is 18+ months old and most of it
> is a single coat that was exposed to the sun.
> I am happy with the results and will continue to use it.  YMMV.
> Later,
> John Jaranson
> '66 Square (Sophy)
> '71 Fasty (Jane - darkside project in waiting)
> various parts.....don't we all.
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