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Re: [T3] So...who got what for the holidays?

> I realize that I've been warning people not to attempt to tow trailers with
> your type 3s for years now, and no one has ever come back and told us their
> story of how they were so sure of themselves that they did it anyway and then
> proceeded to tear the rear end off their car.

I've had a trailer hitch on two Squarebacks, one was used for occasional trips
for building materials, with a half-ton capacity load-trailer, and towing a
small sailing dinghy, maybe about 400 lbs.  I even pulled another Squareback on
a tow-along crane (110% of towing car).   I've never noticed anything bad
happening.  The trailer hitch was bolted only to the bumper mounts, piggy-back
with the bumper irons using longer bolts.  This is a VW approved accessory.

When my Squareback was hit hard enough on the hitch to bend 2" diameter
substantial steel tube (proper German 'towbar') there was no apparent distortion
of the rear mounts or the area around.  The lower rear panel was however pushed
in by the central reinforcement which bolted through it next to the bottom
air-intake panel.  The bumper was luckily untouched as the tow-ball extended
beyond it and was pushed down and clear of the bumper by the other car.  In fact
the tow-bar undoubtedly saved the bumper from damage.

I understand that caution should be exercised; certainly don't tow with rusty
rear bumper mounts, but there's no need to be over-worried, as our cars can and
do cope fine if you're sensible about loads and speeds.  We never have the
problem of very hot weather, so the advice for central USA in summer could be

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