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Re: [T3] rear windshield installation

On 26 Dec 2003 at 14:33, schroeja@purdue.edu wrote:

> I have a cal-look seal and I'm not sure which set of grooves mate with the 
> windshield and which mate with the metal on my rear hatch.

Sorry to have taken so long to answer, but I wanted to take a good look at a 
seal to make sure I had the right idea.  

There are 2 grooves in the seal. The larger, deeper one is the one that the 
glass fits into. The glass groove also has a number of longitudinal ridges in 
it to help seal against the glass. You will also notice that the glass groove 
has a wide squarish bottom, while the groove that fits over the body pinchweld 
is pretty much a V-groove.  

I also want to mention that the OE window seals have corners formed into them, 
while the Cal look seals do not. I don't know how the corners were formed. They 
may have been formed during the extrusion somehow, or they may have been heat 
softened and bent afterwards. It's only clear that they WERE formed somehow, 
because VW sold different seals for the left and right rear windows, where the 
corners needed to be slightly different. If you buy Cal look side window seals, 
then lefts and rights are the same part.  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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