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Re: [T3] POR 15.. my final verdict.

Keith wrote:
>POR 15 may be a perfectly good solution over bare metal... it is durable and
>easy to apply, my only real worry is using it over rust... yea! like the
>name says.  I do have it over sandblasted fuel lines under my Salt sled Golf
>and they are still fine after 2 years.

I've been kinda waiting on this kind of news. : ( You're the second person 
who has told me that POR 15 isn't the miracle cure everybody makes it out to be. 
The other guy who was doing some testing, used it over bare metal and put an 
"X" on it to see how far the rust would spread. I think his test showed that 
after 6 months outside in Maryland, that por wasn't any better than 
coroless(sp?), rust bullet, powder coat, or spray bomb. His test showed that only 
galvanizing it stopped the rust. He had set up different samples (all the same kind 
of metal) to test with and in the same location so they were effected the same. 
I guess if you're going thru the trouble to sandblast, then you might as well 
stick to standard automotive grade paints and primers. My old Square had 
heavy surface rust in places that I sandblasted, I then used DP epoxy primer to 
seal them. I got a chance to see that car again, 4 years later. It still hasn't 
tried to even restart rusting, so I guess you could say the chemo 
(sandblasting) worked on it. Thanks for doing some testing Keith, now I know that I'd be 
wasting my time trying to Paint Over Rust. Good job.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square- now a 2 seat Roadster, under construction Pictures can be 
seen here; http://photo.starblvd.net/bobnotch

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