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[T3] POR 15.. my final verdict.

 Well, my final verdict is:  Dismal failure!

 What finally did it was the cylinder head shrouding on my Snowblower... I
 wire brushed it, used the metal-ready as per instructions and then applied
 coats of the POR 15 last spring.  It sat all summer INSIDE in my shed, and
 although it was a damp summer up here in NY it wasnt out in the rain.

 This fall there were numerous brown "Splotches" where the rust had broken
 back through the surface of the POR 15!

 So I cant really reccomend this stuff for any permanent rustoration of
 anything.  IF you want any hope of it working for an extended period of
 you need to eather agressively wire wheel the rust or better yet sandblast
 it.  If there is rust left under the coating it will eventually come
 again if it gets damp.

 Since Rust is often compared to a cancer, I think it a good comparison of
 POR 15 as a remission. The more rust you remove the longer it will stay in
 remission, if you get it all by sandblasting or chemical removal you may
 actually cure it but if there is any left it will eventually come out of
 remission, how quickly depends on how encouraging the environment is.

 The biggest minus to this stuff is that if it does fail, its darn near
 impossible to remove it ALL and start again, you end up with a big mess.
 Next I will try the Corroless, which is supposed to be more of a reformer
 and less of an encapsulant, and needs a top coat. I dont hold high hopes
 this eather but you never know till you try!


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