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Re: [T3] So...who got what for the holidays?

> I guess you would have to be familiar with the type of trailer Im getting.
> Its an Allstate and not your average useful trailer.

 Its kind of an after
> thought of trailers, not big, not heavy. I will be lucky to get two large
> suitcases in it. It will be mounted to the rear bumper area at the
> Its not a tongue and ball type.
This may reduce the loads a bit Im not sure... its just that that the
Notches have such a thin unreinforced peice of sheetmetal that the bumper
mounts are just spot welded onto.  You may want to drill some holes and bolt
on the mounts for more strength, and make sure there isnt any rust issues.

 Keep in mind that I do not use my T3s for
> daily travel nor will I use it for any useful hauling(other than me). So
> the body, mounts or any part were fatigued in any way it shouldn't be
> because I used it allot. I do however tend to disagree with you that the
> rear stiffness in the torsions will not help. If I do have any load in the
> trailer plus the normal weight, the combined weight wont compound the rear
> of the notch as much thus pressing it down giving the rear less travel.
> Granted most of the weight will be loaded over the trailer wheel itself,
> load pushing back from the wheel of the trailer(fulcrum) through the
> mounting points to the body and onto the rear suspension will be reduced
> with stiffer torsions.

Stiffer bars will keep the tongue weight from collapsing the rear suspension
but if you put that much tongue weight on there it will remove the rear
bumper in short order.  The stiffer bars will create much greater shock
loads, and by feeling every bump will also increase the vibration
transmitted to the trailer, causing faster fatique of mounts.  I have an IRS
Square rear suspension in my 65 Notch and it has a huge affect on ride and
handling... much bouncier ride, but corners better. Maybe Jim has some
thoughts on this too...

All my brake stuff is NOS and in excellent shape and
> is from 64-65 era 5 lug stock. Besides if the off-road guys and the street
> rods upgrade their rears to T3 5 lug drums to help them stop(due to the
> wider diameter shoe),

REARS yes... and they upgrade with the T3 IRS rears too, but front drum
brakes cant dissapate the heat as Disc's can, and you will have increased
fade if using your brakes in situations like down hills or emergency stops
from speed.  Add a trailer and situations get worse.  Front brakes do about
2/3 of the braking.

then they should be fine stopping my 200-300 lb

You may be fine, afterall 2 adults in the rear is over 300lbs but a carload
of people AND 300lb trailer...

I tow a boat and trailer thats probably 600-800lbs with my 71 Square, and
when that boat is back there I drive it like it was a Barndoor bus!  I
havent had any problems but Ive got a pretty beefy hitch on there, I check
all the connections every 100mi or so.


> trailer putt-putting to a show. All in all it should make for a fine
> addition. I have seen these in action on bugs, buses and T3s with no
> The biggest pain I have with it is getting it from Seattle to Murrieta
> Jason

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