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Re: [T3] rear windshield installation

I figured a couple more would have responded by now, but I guess not. So 
here's my take on it.
>Jacob wrote:
>I ordered it from Cal-Pacific/JBUGS and I'm pretty sure it's the 
>correct seal, but once it's on the windshield, the interior corners 
>are just barely on and they buckle quite a bit.  I didn't know if this 
>is normal or if maybe I'm installing it wrong.  When I look at the seal, 
>there are two "sides", one just has a crack down the center, and the 
>other side has a crack, and inside the crack there is a raised section 
>that has grooves in it and a deeper crack to one side of the raised area.  

You want to use the "crack down the center side" for the glass to fit into. 
Yes, the corners will buckel a little more than you think, but they will level 
out with time and temperature (warmth). The side with the "raised section" 
goes toward the window opening, and the lip holds the assembly in place. Like 
Russ mentioned, the rear Square hatch glass is pretty tough, but it can break if 
you're not careful. The "cal look" seal is actually easier to install, due to 
not having to mess with the trim. Make sure the outer lip gets pulled out so 
it will help the seal lay flat, as these have a tendency to roll under.

>Which part of the seal do I install the window into?  When I was trying 
>before I tried installing it into the more complicated side (the one with 
>the raised end with grooves in it) such that the bulk of the "seal" would 
>end up on the outside of the window.  But this didn't look right, even 
>after I heated the seal so it'd give a bit.

No, you're trying to install it backwards. turn the seal around and install 
it on the glass,use plenty of soapy water and a cord (mine is a very soapy 
1/8th inch diameter length, formerly for some blinds that were in my house when I 
moved in 15 years ago) of rope or heavy mechanics wire to help the sealing lip 
drop into place. I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square- now a 2 seat Roadster, under construction Pictures can be 
seen here; http://photo.starblvd.net/bobnotch

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