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[T3] rear windshield installation

I'm going to be installing my rear windshield, it's the original and it's in 
pretty good shape, looks like the rear defrost things may still be in good 

Anyways, I have the cal-look seal and I'm having a little trouble getting the 
seal on the windshield.  I ordered it from Cal-Pacific/JBUGS and I'm pretty 
sure it's the correct seal, but once it's on the windshield, the interior 
corners are just barely on and they buckle quite a bit.  I didn't know if this 
is normal or if maybe I'm installing it wrong.  When I look at the seal, there 
are two "sides", one just has a crack down the center, and the other side has a 
crack, and inside the crack there is a raised section that has grooves in it 
and a deeper crack to one side of the raised area.  Which part of the seal do I 
install the window into?  When I was trying before I tried installing it into 
the more complicated side (the one with the raised end with grooves in it) such 
that the bulk of the "seal" would end up on the outside of the window.  But 
this didn't look right, even after I heated the seal so it'd give a bit.

Also, if anybody has any tips I'd be glad to hear them, I know these tend to be 
fragile, and I'll be careful, but I'd like all the help you can give.


Jacob Schroeder
'72 Squareback

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