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Re: [T3] Latest broken parts on my car

On 24 Dec 2003 at 11:36, Martinez, Leon B Civ 203 wrote:

> Jim I beleive it is knocking that is causing the temps to go up 

I'll have to check to see if general overheating is a consequence of knocking. 
I know that SP and SP insulator damage certainly is.

> sorry I meant #1 ccylinder. The Sparkplugs I have chaged are about 5
> times on that cylinder and every time the center electrode has been
> eaten away all the way to the bottom inside or so . my latest pulgs
> are the coldest autolite #303. The 304 's still looked bubbly at the
> center ceramica no matter how cold the plug types I put in they never
> foul , not even a little . Every sparkplug I pulled out of the #1
> cylinder has severe damage to the threads , like as if a gas welder
> was applied to them , melted, receded and crooked , I cannot imagine
> how the aluminum threads look like. 

There's clearly something different about this one cylinder that is causing 
this problem. You've already tried all the right things and they haven't 

> It may be that the cooling fins have debris or something or my
> compression was just too high . 

I don't even know if blocked cooling would cause this kind of damage. Can you 
actually hear it knock? Knock is a wide open throttle, low RPM phenomena; 
sounds like a handfull of ball bearings being slowly dropped into a metal waste 

How much advance are you useing? What distributor and what static advance 

> by the way I have changed the injector on that cylinder about 3 times
> and the same thing happens , the cylinder is stone cold and never
> overheated, according to my head temp sensor but when I drive on the
> highway on a slight incline temps go up rapidly , just on that cylinder
> ... 

I'm confused by the 2 statements that, "the cylinder is stone cold and never 
overheated," and " when I drive on the highway on a slight incline temps go up 
rapidly , just on that cylinder..." Do you mean that the temp on #1 goes up, 
but not so much that it appears to actually be overheating?

> Ever seen a melted sparkplug in these cars ?

No, I haven't, but I believe you.

Things to check: 

Check the resistance all the way from the brain thru the injector, to ground. 
This should be 2-3 Ohms for each cylinder. Wiggle each wire as you measure 
this, just to make sure that it is stable, and doesn't change, which would 
indicate a loose connection. If that's okay, try another brain. You would need 
a B brain for your 69. Excess resistance, or poor injector drive to that 
cylinder might make that injector run lean.

Check the combustion chamber volume. If this one is smaller than the others 
then its compression ratio will be higher and this would make a difference. If, 
for some reason, you had a large carbon buildup in this cylinder alone, this 
would also change the CR.

There's GOT to be a reason why you're having this problem in this cylinder 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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