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Re: [T3] Latest broken parts on my car

Jim I beleive it is knocking that is causing the temps to go up , sorry I 
meant #1 ccylinder. The Sparkplugs I have chaged are about 5 times on that 
cylinder and every time the center electrode has been eaten away all the 
way to the bottom inside or so . my latest pulgs are the coldest autolite #303.
The 304 's still looked bubbly at the center ceramica no matter how cold
the plug types I put in they never foul , not even a little . Every sparkplug 
I pulled out of the #1 cylinder has severe damage to the threads , like as if a 
gas welder was applied to them , melted, receded and crooked , I cannot 
imagine how the aluminum threads look like . It may be that the cooling fins 
have debris or something or my compression was just too high . I am giving up 
and will no longer use and abuse my car the way I did , I just bought myself 
and old jeep Wrangler , the carbed engine does not run as smooth or fast as my 
1600 efi engine but can take more torture than my square , I will be pulling the 
head and let you know how bad it melted or something. I will make my car good again ,
by the way I have changed the injector on that cylinder about 3 times and the 
same thing happens , the cylinder is stone cold and never overheated , according to my
head temp sensor but when I drive on the highway on a slight incline temps 
go up rapidly , just on that cylinder ...

Ever seen a melted sparkplug in these cars ?


> Just letting you know the lastest torture test on my car .I have noticed 
> that the #3 cylinder will over heat with really hard driving up hills , 
> could be due to knocking I wonder how the knocking can be cured , colder 
> plugs , than the ones I have ? 

Is it actually knocking, or just overheating? The two don't necessarily 
go hand in hand. What plugs are you using now? Do the plugs show any 
signs of overheating? If so, colder plugs might help, but keep in mind 
that colder plugs will eventually foul up during those times when you're
NOT pushing the engine so hard. 

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