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Re: [T3] FI Symptoms

On 23 Dec 2003 at 9:09, samuel maher wrote:

> Still having some problems. Loss of power and acceleration. It sems to
> want to run better when i let off of the accel. It will smother when
> fully depressed, though as i let off it wants to even out. I still keep
> going back to the FI brain unit. 311 906 021E  are the numbers that
> appear on the unit. 0280000028 

I think 73s used an E brain numbered 048 rather than 028. Both were E brains, 
but the 048 superceeded the 028 and is the better choice for you.

If you still have the original 048 it may be fine, so you might want to try it 

> I can obtain another for 20$ so im going to try it.

That's a good price, but make sure it's an 048.

> Any other suggestions? I have never done a valve job.

This sounds like a pretty typical case of running too rich. Here are the first 
things you should check:

1) Check to  make sure that the hose from the pressure sensor to the intake air 
distributor is actually connected on BOTH ends.

2) Check the charging system regulating voltage. Low system voltage will make 
the FI run rich. With the engine warm and still running after a drive, measure 
the battery voltage with the engine running at medium rpm. It should be 14.1-
14.4 Volts. If it measures less than 13.5 V replace the voltage regulator with 
a Bosch 30-019.

3) Check the fuel pressure. Someone may have adjusted it high for some reason. 
It should be ~30 psi.

> She used to have a/c . which has since been removed. I wondered if
> someone took it off for a reason more serious than unit failure. And
> also if it screwed up some engine concerns. 

The A/C often contributed to engine problems by adding to the work and heat 
load on the engine. The A/C was not a factory option and it was all designed 
and installed in the country where the car was sold. I strongly dislike these 
poorly designed systems.

> Sam Maher 1973 Square FI

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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