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Re: [T3] Latest broken parts on my car

On 20 Dec 2003 at 0:49, LEON MARTINEZ wrote:

> I found the constant velocity joints all shot up all pitted with drying
> blackened greasE that used to be white lithium , I wonder if the grease
> I was using IS WRONG or my hard driving just took it's toll . 

The correct grease for the CV joints is a lithium grease with a heavy dose of 
Moly di-sulfide additive, which makes it black. I think they won't last as long 
without the Moly additive. 

Were the boots okay? If you bent the sump plate you may well have torn the CV 
boots also. This lets in dirt which can wear out the CV joints much faster

> Just letting you know the lastest torture test on my car .I have noticed
> that the #3 cylinder  will over heat with really hard driving up hills ,
> could be due to knocking I wonder how the knocking can be cured , colder
> plugs , than the ones I have ?

Is it actually knocking, or just overheating? The two don't necessarily go hand 
in hand. What plugs are you using now? Do the plugs show any signs of 
overheating? If so, colder plugs might help, but keep in mind that colder plugs 
will eventually foul up during those times when you're NOT pushing the engine 
so hard.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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