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Re: [T3] valve job criteria

On 18 Dec 2003 at 6:05, hisham bakr wrote:

> Question is; are there tell tale signs to look for that the valves need
> reworking? what should I look for visually or mechanically without knowing
> the compression or history of a motor?

First torque the head studs to 2-3 ft lbs OVER the stock spec, just to make 
sure that the studs aren't about to pull out, or already pulled out. Then 
remove the heads and take them to a machine shop to get them worked over. If 
you don't have any place you can send them to locally, send them to RIMCO. It's 
probably worth just replacing the exhaust valves no matter what. (If they were 
alreasy new, the PO would have said so.) Get the cylinder sealing surface 
flycut if the cylinders have dug into them. All of this may cost you $100-$150. 

Look at the cylinder walls and clean out any carbon on the upper lip and end. I 
just scrape this with a razor blade.

Buy all new pushrod tubes. You will probably need new seals for them, too. I 
have seals if you need them.

Study the Bentley manual to make sure that you got all the cooling tin that 
this engine should have. Make sure the thermostat and linkage parts are all 
there and functional.

Check all the case nuts and main bearing stud nuts to make sure they are at 
spec torque.

This is probably going to be a lot more work than you planned for.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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