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Re: [T3] rear window seal for notchback

On 18 Dec 2003 at 0:03, Garret Trask wrote:

> As I was driving home from work tonight I reached way back and lightly 
> touched the top of the rear window with my fingertips.  I noticed that the 
> window was wiggling in sync with the rattling, the louder the rattling 
> sound, the more pronounced the wiggle, so I feel confident that the seal is 
> the culprit.

I agree that this sounds pretty suspicious. Are you actually feeling the glass 
move with respect to the seal or are you just feeling the motion of everything 
together back there? Has anyone else ever experienced a window that rattled 
because of a hardened seal?

If you have the trim now, I'd stick with the OE (American Style) seals even 
though they will cost more. If the rubber is this hard you may also have 
trouble getting the trim out without damaging it; it is VERY soft and easily 

It would probably be worthwhile to pay a pro to install the new seal, as the 
large glass bits can be quite fragile, especially old ones (really!)  Old 
windshields are particularly fragile, but the tempered side glass is usually 
fine. I really don't know where a notch backlight falls, but it will be hard to 
replace if it breaks, so it's worth being extra careful with.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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