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RE: [T3] rear window seal for notchback

When I replaced the glass in my non-VW truck
recently, I too tried to cut the seal to no 
avail. While sitting inside contemplating 
life, the universe, and everything, I reached
up and pulled down on the seal from the inside.
The seal cracked and split along the corner
where it met the glass. I continued to do this
all around the seal and I was then able to very
easily push the glass out.

I had a replacement seal already in hand, with
the chrome groove, along with a glass shop who
already seen the truck and was willing to put 
it in and guarantee no leaks. It cost me $45
for the install. He had estimated $75, but it
went in so easily, he dropped the cost.

Jeff  '67 Sqbk

-----Original Message-----
Garret wrote:
>I'll check elsewhere for the rattle.  I suspect the window because I'm 
>able to quiet the rattle by pressiing on the window from inside the car.
>Also, when I'm outside and I hit the window with my hand, in makes 
>a clunking noise like it is hitting against something.

Sounds like the seal is rock hard to me.The seals in my Norch were like that 
when I got it. I litterally had to chisel off the seal just to save the glass, 
as it was too stiff to even cut with a razor knife.

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