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Re: [T3] rear window seal for notchback

<x-flowed>>Is the seal so hard that you can't press your fingernail into it at all,
or out. Does it leak water badly in the rain (or carwash?) Do you live in a
really hot climate?

The seal is pretty hard. I tried pressing my fingernail into it and it seems really dry and stiff, but I wouldn't describe it as rock hard -- it does give a little. I haven't noticed it leaking from the rear window but on my trips to the car wash I've been pre-occupied with the raging torrents of water pouring through the door seals.

I live in Colorado, and the car has been here since September 2001. Before that I'm told that it was in Germany until 1998, then Texas, then briefly in California.

As I was driving home from work tonight I reached way back and lightly touched the top of the rear window with my fingertips. I noticed that the window was wiggling in sync with the rattling, the louder the rattling sound, the more pronounced the wiggle, so I feel confident that the seal is the culprit.

So I'm going to look for a new seal, and any advice you have for me would be most welcome.

'68 Notchback
Highlands Ranch, CO

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